A new Beginning

May 26, 2022

Having always admirerd the thought of having a personal website - a place where I can share my artwork as well as written thoughts on whatever crosses my mind - I dared to try and build one from scratch using Webflow, after hearing of it and its possibilities for the very first time.

It was definitely and ambitious and time consuming process, especially with me having no experience in web development whatsoever. But thanks to the - in my opinion - very intuitive UI of Webflow's Designer and various tutorials as well as forum posts out there, I managed to piece everything together within days, and am happy to be about to publish my very first blog post.

Altough tested on different devices and browsers on Mac and Windows, it is still possible for some things to not work properly or as expected, especially on mobile devices. In case you find any bugs/glitches or you are under the impression certain elements could be improved, feel free to contact me - your feedback is highly appreciated.